Tamar Braxton, 44, was bewildered when she first realised her mental health was deteriorating. “It started getting black really, really fast, and I realised there was an issue,” Braxton explains to Health. “It became too thick and murky for me to sort it out like I typically would.The singer sought assistance and is still working with a professional now. “I’m in therapy, and I used to go every day,” Braxton adds, “but now I only go a couple times a week, which is a graduation.” “For that, I’m proud of myself.”

Her mental health struggle taught her the importance of normalising mental wellness dialogues. She says, “I just felt like there was a need for a platform for someone like me to freely speak about mental illness.” Tamar Braxton’s podcast, Under Construction With Tamar Braxton, was born out of this revelation.

“I wanted to offer folks a chance to recover out loud and not be ashamed of their obstacles or of being in counselling or wanting to go to counselling,” Braxton says.Braxton believes that through listening to the podcast, listeners will realise that they are not alone in their challenges. “The primary difficulty when we’re going through things is feeling alone,” she continues. “A lot of individuals don’t have the fortitude or confidence to talk to people about the dark space they’re in or experiencing.”

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