yoga for constipation in pregnancy: Constipation is a very common problem. While pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter remedies can assist, some people may choose alternative therapy like yoga.While yoga may not be the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to constipation, there is some evidence that it can assist.

In a 2015 research of persons with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), for example, yoga was found to be a cost-effective alternative therapy for the condition’s most common symptoms, constipation and diarrhoea. Yoga may also assist with other symptoms associated with IBS, such as worry and fatigue, according to the study.

Some yoga poses can help treat constipation by helping the digestive tract to pass stool or gas.

Continue reading to learn more about yoga positions that can assist with constipation. Some of these exercises are more difficult than others. When attempting these positions, use caution and don’t overextend yourself. Before attempting the more complex postures, some people prefer to consult with a yoga instructor.

Supine Spinal Twist

The supine twist may also aid in the relief of constipation.

To do this twist, follow these steps:

Lie down on your back
Bend one leg at the knee while maintaining the shoulders flat, gently letting the bent leg slip over the other leg, hold the pose for a few breaths, then repeat on the opposite side.

Cobra Pose

Although the Cobra Pose does not need any twisting, it may help with other ailments like gas.

To do Cobra Pose, follow these steps:

Place the palms on the floor at the sides, next to the shoulders and lie flat on your stomach with your toes pointed out. Engage the abdominal muscles and legs. Lift the head slightly and softly bend the neck backward. Press the palms into the floor. Gently lift the shoulders and upper body up.
Return to the floor by releasing and lowering the body.

Legs Up the Wall Pose

This is an inversion position. This indicates that a portion of the individual’s body will be turned upside down.

To perform this position, follow these steps:

Place yourself on the floor, next to a wall.
Lower your back to the floor and walk your legs up against the wall with your hips as near to the wall as possible.

To reduce discomfort, tuck a folded towel or blanket under the hips, if necessary, and place the arms wherever it seems comfortable. Stay in this position for as long as it feels comfortable, then release and gently roll to one side to get up.

Wind-Relieving Pose

The Wind-Relieving Pose is a beginner-friendly pose that can help relieve gas from constipation.

To do this position, follow these steps:

Place your hands on or around your shins, tuck your chin in, and softly press your back into the floor, gently drawing the knees toward your chest. Hold the posture for a few breaths, then release.

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