Here’s everything you need to know about The New Guinea’s Disease New Guinea flatworms are an invasive parasite-carrying plant species found in Texas.

Rat lungworm disease (also called angiostrongyliasis) could no longer be limited to Hawaii because worms that carry the parasite that causes illness have been identified in an Texas yard.

In The Houston Chronicle, a woman who lives in Pearland, Texas discovered dozens of New Guinea flatworms creeping on her porch just two weeks ago. She reported the worms that resemble leech at the Texas Invasive Species Institute (TISI) and they confirmed that the worms are New Guinea flatworms.

Although there are no reports of rat lungworm disease have been documented in Texas However, a number of cases of this potentially dangerous potentially fatal condition were confirmed during a visit to Hawaii in May according to a report by the health department of the state.

How do you get rat lungworm? As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “people can get infected by eating raw or undercooked snails or slugs that are infected with this parasite” (CDC). Snails are a favorite food item of those suffering from New Guinea flatworm, which is the reason they can become host for the parasite.

“People can also become infected by mistake,” according to the CDC, “by eating fresh food (such as lettuce) that includes a tiny snail or slug or part of one.”

In response to revelations of rats having lungworm disease in Hawaii the Hawaii Department of Health has issued an advisory on ways to avoid getting infected by the parasite that is responsible for the illness. First, wash all vegetables and fruits you plan to eat with running water. The leafy greens, especially should be avoided. You can eliminate the smallest snails or slugs by thoroughly washing these food items.

It is also recommended to “reduce snail, slug, and rat populations surrounding houses, gardens, and farms,” according to the Department of Health. Remove clutter from areas where the critters might be hiding. You can also use traps or baits eliminate of them from your home.

Examine food items at any point, be it the local grocery store or a garden at home, or even a farmer’s market and then wash it prior to placing the food in a sealed container.

Flatworms originate from New Guinea have only been discovered within Florida, Texas, Hawaii as well as Puerto Rico thus far. As per the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission the flatworms are only danger if consumed.

Cysticercosis can be contracted through various ways.

The exact cause of this man’s neurocysticercosis remains unknown. been identified. But, it is generally acquired through the consumption of T. Solium-containing tapeworm eggs found in the poop or stool of a person with this type of tapeworm according to CDC. If someone with tapeworm doesn’t clean their hands prior to making food preparation, the eggs of the tapeworm can be passed on to other people as is the usual situation.

If you suffer from a T. Solium Tapworm disease, or live within the residence of someone with one it is likely that you will take in parasite eggs and develop cysticercosis. Since tapeworm eggs can be disseminated through food, drinks or even feces-infested surfaces This is what happens.

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