TikTok pranksters have been at it yet again using fake teeth whitening techniques. @clauds244 is an TikToker who is known for sharing her own fitness tips on the site, uploaded the video of her putting the hydrogen peroxide of 3 per cent onto cotton swabs, and then using the swabs for whitening her teeth.

She claims her method is 100% safe, as three percent of hydrogen peroxide, which is 3 percent in the video, is the exact chemical found in whitening strips sold at the store. “Don’t say that it’s not true in the case of a dentist,” she adds in the video’s voiceover.

After the video had surpassed 15 million viewers, many users attempted to replicate the trick, trying to replicate it and documenting their findings. one person mixing baking soda into the recipe.

Can you safely whiten your teeth using the 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide according to her claims? Absolutely not.

3.5% hydrogen peroxide goes over the permitted amount that is 0.1 percent that non-dental professionals within the UK (where @clauds244 is located) are permitted to make use of as an antiseptic and bleaching agent. Whitening strips sold in the United States can contain up to 15% hydrogen peroxide and products for whitening teeth generally contain between 3 and 20 percent hydrogen peroxide. These over-the-counter treatments however, aren’t controlled by the FDA since they are classified as cosmetic treatments.

Therefore it is not recommended to use them at the rate @clauds244 recommends @clauds244 who applies three percent of hydrogen peroxide several days in one row. Dentists warn that overuse can cause serious and lasting harm.

“Prolonged bleaching that contains these high levels of hydrogen peroxide in particular when it is used for several days at a time and causes extremely sensitive teeth and gums that are irritated,” said Chris Strandburg DDS, dentist as well as Waterpik spokesperson. “If you do more bleaching while the gums are already affected, the inflammation may turn into a serious issue. Sensitivity to the tooth is typically short-term (24 hours or less) However, prolonged usage of bleaching with a significant amount will permanently increase the sensitivity of teeth.”

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. Be sure to proceed with caution. Although most drugstores offer hydrogen peroxide at 3 percent but be sure to dilute it using equally sized amounts of water to avoid burning and damage. Alternatively, use a toothpaste or teeth whitening product containing phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP), which is gentler on the gums and enamel and super-effective at whitening in just 24 hours.

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