Since there’s not much you can do regarding nutrition to increase the speed of the engine of your body It appears that exercising is the best way to increase the rate of your metabolism.

My friend and I were talking about how we can win the fight against our slowing and aging metabolism during a run last week.

There’s nothing you can do regarding nutrition to increase the speed of the engine of your body and increase your metabolic rate, it is evident that exercise is the best method to increase the rate of your metabolism.

Making time to eat breakfast taking in more protein as well as eating chilli peppers drinking lots of tea and coffee, and eating more frequently are all proven to provide modest, but typically temporary, boosts to your metabolism. The way you exercise, on the contrary, could be more beneficial to your metabolism overall.

Lean muscles–is the main factor in metabolic rate building lean mass is a tried and tested method of increasing the metabolic rate. There is however an ongoing debate over what type of exercise is more effective to achieve the best results: endurance or strength.

The question was addressed through a study in The University of Kansas. Thirty participants were randomly assigned in three groups which included resistance training for three days each week, endurance exercises every day, or a combination of endurance and resistance three times a week.

The VO2max number, which is a measure of the body’s ability to process oxygen, rose 13% in the endurance class within 10 weeks, as opposed to 7% in those who combined both types of training , and -0.2% for those in the resistance-training group. The one rep maximum for parallel squats grew by as much as 23% in the resistance group, and as high as 19% for the combination group, however it remained the same for the endurance exercise group with -0.7 percent.

Training for strength (just about 100 calories daily) and a mixture of exercise (just less than 100 calories per day) elevated metabolic rate in a significant way however endurance exercisers are actually less metabolically active.

According to the study the endurance exercise alone can increase the aerobic capacity and decreases body fat. On the other hand, resistance training can increase muscular strength and metabolic rate.

The increase in your metabolism could positively impact your diet. Individuals who combined aerobics and weight training over 16 weeks cut down on their carbohydrate, calorie and protein intake, as per a study conducted in 2008.

I’m doing lots of trail running to prepare in preparation for the TransRockies event, however I’m still working with my personal trainer to get strength training.

Strength training can boost the development of muscles instead of constantly tearing it down as aerobic exercise can do. Therefore, in the interest of my fitness level, I’ll be working out. You can also try this workout to boost your metabolism fast.

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