“It irritates me when people comment on my nails.”

Queen of the Clapback has returned to the scene.

Khloe Kardashian took on Twitter to criticize momshamers who continue to mock her length of nails on social media.

The woman began her Tweet with a statement “It’s frustrating when people speak about my nails.” “Believe me, I’m quite capable.” I care for my child the same way that I care for myself. It is important to discuss the more pressing issues. At a minimum that’s my wish. “I wish you a pleasant Monday.”

The furore started with Kardashian is mom of 10-month old True Thompson, shared a photo of her red matte nail on Instagram during the weekend.

Her fans soon noted she had nails that were far too long to be able to change diapers.

One social media user replied, “Omg how can you handle a kid with those nails,” and another user said that changing diapers using nails with long nails are difficult.

Kardashian was also “had the nails of a woman who pays other people to do everything for her,” according to a commenter.

Some defended the actress, tweeting “How about you guys just leave her alone.” Stop blaming moms for doing things their way! It doesn’t matter what she’s doing, whether it’s changing diapers or changing her nails or not – her life is to carry.”

It’s not an unusual situation. Kardashian has utilized her social media platforms to confront her critics. She recently came out in defense when she was accused of doing photo purchasing on Instagram.

“Would you maintain IG if all picture editing apps were gone forever?” Kardashian answered a user who was wondering if Kardashian’s Good American co-founder would even “keep IG if all photo editing apps were gone forever.”

“I’m not sure why people remark if it adds no value to their lives,” she said. “Perhaps I’m just different… But I’m not interested in being pessimistic or passive aggressive. Our earth is already dangerously polluted. It’s unfortunate that individuals feel the need to attack something as simple as an editing tool.”

When she posted photos of her daughter in a small Bentley one of her fans accuses her for “embedding materialism in [True’s] head.”

“She’s a baby who received a very wonderful present, and I was ecstatic to put her in it and photograph her!” I’m enjoying every minute I get with my precious angel! The gift God gave me from Him was angels!” In the comments section, Kardashian retaliated.

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