Here’s what he did to minimize the negative effects the migraines caused on his daily life.

Hello and welcome to Deep Dives, a health video series that lets inspiring people discuss the health issues that matter to them, and also share pertinent health and wellness stories. Deep Dive from Karamo Brown can be seen above!

The celebrities, just like everyone else have been glued to the news in 2020 even though it was insanity. Karamo Brown, 40, who is a part of Netflix series Queer Eye’s fantastic five, was also immersed in the endless news updates. Brown says to Health, “There were a several occasions when I was watching the news in a continuous manner during the daily news.”

The constant stream of news 24/7 isn’t a good idea for everyone However, it was detrimental to Brown due to his chronic health problem. “I have migraines, that are often provoked by stress. The news caused me to worry and was causing my migraine to get worse “Brown clarifies.

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“You think to yourself that “I’m staying informed,” or I’m aware of what’s happening and all you’re doing is trigger yourself repeatedly,” Brown explains. Then he came to an awakening about the effects it was taking for his body. “It seemed as if somebody was saying, “Relax, don’t watch it.” I’m going to have to stop and think about something enjoyable.”

In the beginning, determining the best way to take in information was the first step, Brown believes that properly studying the news of the preceding year will be just as important. “In 2020, many events happened to us psychologically and emotionally that a lot people aren’t even conscious of. We’re not even aware of the extent of PTSD we’ll all have to deal in the year 2020 “Brown who works in collaboration with Amgen and Novartis adds

Despite the fact that the announcement of 2020 was heartbreaking, Brown has great expectations for the coming year. “A 2020’s name has yet to be decided however, it could be ‘fun,’ wonderful and relaxed just like the year 2020 for us everyone.”

On the above video, you will look over the remainder of the deep dive Brown took.

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