There are better alternatives to having 64 oz. of juice from pineapple.

Wisdom tooth extraction isn’t a pleasant experience however it’s something many patients have to endure. There are numerous reasons to have wisdom teeth removed as per the American Dental Association, including discomfort or infection, harm to adjacent teeth as well as cysts and other. In general your dentist is likely to recommend that you have these suckers removed at a certain moment in the future.

But, wisdom tooth extraction is an surgical procedure that requires that you be sedated, which means the recovery could take several days. With this all in mind, you’ll desire to do all possible to guarantee a quick and comfortable recovery.

Many people are drinking plenty of pineapple juice prior to surgery, in hopes of reducing inflammation and pain following surgery, according to a TikTok hack.

It’s unclear when this started it’s unclear when, but there are several TikToks with stories of users who attempted the hack. One of them is @valeriagreenz who claimed that she had consumed 64 pounds of pineapple juice prior the wisdom tooth extraction. Afterward, video footage shows her holding gauze inside her mouth, driving her car, relaxing in the park, smiling and taking photos the following day.

“Didn’t you just have wisdom teeth removed? aren’t you overweight because you consumed a tons of pineapple juice” the poster wrote during one of her follow-up posts that showed her looking stunning. “Me drinking pineapple juice” was also written in her article.

Mackenzie Fuhrman, a TikTokker she shared her tale of drinking juice from pineapples prior to the procedure to have her wisdom tooth extracted. “Obviously I don’t know what I can compare it with,” she said, “but when I’m not experiencing the middle of pain or swelling, I’m going to judge it as successful.” She said she “researched” the subject and found that “pineapple juice may be effective due to the fact that it is anti-inflammatory properties…but we’ll find out the next day.”

Fuhrman appears to be a bit groggy following surgical procedure in her video yet she claims to have “zero discomfort” as well as “minimal swelling” immediately following surgery.

Do you have a suspicion after reading these reviews? This is more than reasonable. Although there’s some evidence that suggests this may assist, experts recommend not to use it as your first option for defense. Here’s everything you must be aware of.

In the beginning, what exactly does wisdom tooth surgery involve?

As per the Mayo Clinic, wisdom tooth surgery, also referred to as wisdom tooth removal is the process where your oral surgeon or dentist takes out your wisdom teeth, which are the last permanent teeth that will emerge from your mouth. The goal of this procedure is to prevent the negative effects like tooth decay, and pain that could result if these teeth are left in their place.

As per the Mayo Clinic, you’ll be asleep during the procedure and then your surgeon will make an incision in your gums that exposes the bone and tooth Remove the bone that prevents access to the tooth’s root, take out the tooth, sew the wound closed and then apply gauze over the wound.

Mark Wolff, DDS, PhD dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine Mark Wolff, DDS, PhD, dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Health, “Dentists commonly have to remove bone or cut teeth.” “To say it simply this is traumatic.”

For some days following your procedure could be swollen, bleeding or soreness. You may also experience bruises and soreness according to Dr. Wolff, although everyone’s body reacts in a different way.

What significance does pineapple juice play in this situation?

According to TikTokkers the pineapple is a source of bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme. Many believe that drinking lots of this fruit after surgery will help to reduce the discomfort and swelling.

The subject has been studied by scientists, be it true or it isn’t. A few patients were given 150 milligrammes of bromelain every day for three days after the removal of wisdom teeth and 100 milligrammes during days 4-7, in a brief study released in 2014. The study examined their findings against others who were given placebo. Researchers concluded they found “no statistically significant differences” between the two groups, however “the group receiving bromelain showed a tendency towards less inflammation and a better oral opening.”

A second small study released within The Journal of the International Society of Preventive and Community Dentistry in 2016 gave participants bromelain as well as amoxicillin (an antibiotic) following surgery. They also rated their pain levels on day one, three and seven. Bromelain is “effective” on 28 out of the 40 people who received it, in accordance with the findings, decreasing inflammation and pain.

But, there are a couple of things to keep in your mind. As per Jessica Cording, MS, RD who is the creator of The Little Book of Game-Changers 50 healthy habits For managing stress and anxiety, “Studies looking at bromelain to ease pain and edoema after wisdom teeth extractions are in supplement form, and not taken from the food industry.” The patients didn’t drink the juice of a pineapple; instead, they used bromelain extract.

It’s also important to remember that the research been limited to the effects of bromelain following surgery, and not prior to.

It’s also difficult to evaluate things like swelling and pain after wisdom tooth extraction because each person’s reaction is different, according the Dr. Wolff.

Another observation to take note of that comes from Jamie Alan, PhD, associate professor of toxicology and pharmacology at Michigan State University: “This seems like a bit of a flimsy thing.”

She said to Health, “There is some evidence to suggest that bromelain may act as a mild anti-inflammatory.” “Take this into account but. The pineapple juice is high in acidity level. This is likely to trigger an inflammation response within the tongue.” This means that it won’t create a sensation in your mouth that is great and will hurt your mouth prior to surgery. If you choose to apply this method following your procedure you could end up with a lot of problems.

Does it pose any risk trying this?

Although pineapple juice can generally be consumed safely but there are a few issues that can happen. One of them is that TikTokkers recommend drinking 64 ounces of juice from pineapple which is quite a bit. “I’d be more worried about the effects of glycemic drinking a large amount of fruit juice , as it can have an adverse effect on healing processes,” Cording adds. In other words, your body is required to process lots of sugar from the juice in a short time and you might be experiencing serious energy surges and drops as a result… And, in the process I’m feeling awful.

Cording adds “There’s also the possibility of intestinal issues.” There’s a good chance that you’ll suffer from gastric pains or heartburn or diarrhoea.

What else can you do to boost the chances of achieving complete recovery?

According Dr. Wolff, one of the most effective things you can do to lessen swelling following surgery is to use an anti-inflammatory medication that is non-steroidal such as Motrin and Aleve. “That can also be effective in reducing pain,” he adds. “If you can reduce the inflammation, then you’ll be able to lessen the discomfort too.”

Dr. Wolff recommends applying ice on the side of your face to ease inflammation and pain. Alan recommends gargling with hydrogen peroxide or salt water but warns that these are not to be consumed.

If you think that your stomach, and your mouth can handle it, you can try the trick of the pineapple. Keep in mind there’s no proof to suggest this is actually effective.

A small study that was that was published within The Journal of the International Society of Preventive and Community Dentistry in 2016 gave participants bromelain as well as amoxicillin (an antibiotic) following surgery. They also rated their discomfort on day one, three and seven. Bromelain proved to be “effective” on 28 out of the 40 people who received it, as per the study, which reduced inflammation and pain.

There are couple of things to keep in your mind. As per Jessica Cording, MS, RD who is the creator of The Little Book of Game-Changers 50 healthy habits For Controlling Stress and Anxiety, “Studies looking at bromelain to reduce pain and edoema after wisdom teeth extractions were conducted in supplement form, and not taken from foods.” The people studied didn’t consume juice from pineapples, but instead, they used bromelain extract.

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