In the case of the civil lawsuit, Trevor Noah had “serious mental turmoil and tremendous bodily agony” because of his treatment, which resulted in “permanent, severe, and terrible” impairments.

Trevor Noah has filed a lawsuit against a medical facility and the doctor from New York City for allegedly having a surgical error that he did not realize in the year 2020.

According to a complaint filed in court that was obtained by PEOPLE the 37-year old The Daily Show anchor sued Dr. Riley J. Williams III as well as The Hospital for Special Surgery at Manhattan last month.

Noah says that the defendants “were negligent and reckless in neglecting to treat and care for him in a thoughtful and skillful way” in court documents. The defendants are charged with “failing to apply approved procedures in widespread use in the care and treatment,” according to the complaint.

The defendants also failed “to prescribe suitable prescriptions,” “to cease specific prescription medications,” and “to utilise correct tests and exams in order to determine the problems” which were “was suffering” from, according to the comic.

The accusations were denied in the Hospital for Special Surgery. Noah’s lawyer and attorney in the suit, Justin Blitz, did not respond immediately to a request to comment from PEOPLE.

Noah suffered “substantial personal harm” following his surgery, as per court documents, and his injuries were later classified as “permanent, severe, and horrific.” The injuries, according to the lawsuit, caused Noah Emmy award winner “sick, painful, lame, and crippled,” according to the lawsuit.

Noah was reported to have “suffered extremely painful as well as painful injuries to his personal”; experienced severe nervous shock, mental anguish intense emotional stress as well as a great physical pain. He was then confined to bed and in a home for a prolonged period of time. He was required to receive medical and hospital medical attention, and treatment as well as the loss of pleasure in life. He was also prevented from working in his normal occupation for a lengthy duration of time due to the fact that certain injuries are of an ongoing nature, he had to seek medical and hospital aid

PEOPLE has discovered it has been reported that they have learned that the Hospital for Special Surgery has received Noah’s claims that they call “meritless.”

“Mr. Trevor Noah was the subject of a lawsuit that was filed through HSS. The HSS has provided Mr. Noah’s lawyer with a full response to the unsubstantiated allegations “In an announcement the spokesperson said. “We are prohibited by law from discussing publicly particular specifics of any patient’s treatment due to HIPAA.”

“We are devoted to excellence in the treatment we deliver to each of the more than 150,000 patients we serve each year,” the group stated.

The final statement reads, “This devotion has established HSS the world’s foremost academic medical institution specialising in musculoskeletal health, continuously ranked #1 in orthopaedics internationally and domestically.”

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