How to take care of hair daily at home: It’s possible to have a bad hair day! Isn’t that so? Do the models’ bouncy, voluminous manes in hair care commercials look like a far-fetched fantasy to you much of the time? We believe that the majority of them go a little too far.
Hair care experts, on the other hand, believe that with proper hair care, the dream of having healthy hair will become a reality. In this post, you’ll find a curated list of the best hair care tips.

Hair Care Dos

1. Wash your hair on a regular basis
Washing your hair on a regular basis keeps your scalp and hair clean and clear of excess oil. The right frequency, however, is determined by your hair type and personal preferences. Limit your washing to twice a week if your hair is exceptionally dry. Washing your hair on alternating days will help if you have an oily scalp.

2. Shampoos with no chemicals should be used.
You may not be able to regulate all of the environmental factors that cause hair harm, but you can control the shampoos you use. The less ingredients in your shampoo, the better your hair will be. Choose gentle shampoos that are appropriate for your hair type. Shampoos contain sulphates and parabens, which are used to lather and preserve hair.They can, however, cause skin irritation and increase the risk of hormonal disturbances over time.

  1. Correctly condition
    The ingredients in your conditioner help your hair fall straight and manageable. It protects your hair from environmental irritants as well as heat styling. It can, however, only be used on the tips of your hair and not on your scalp. Even, after applying it, make sure to thoroughly rinse it off. Following your overwhelming response to the skincare items, SkinKraft has recently launched haircare solutions. To get your personalised haircare routine, simply answer a few questions. Get to Know Your Hair
  2. Let your hair air dry We’re conscious. Blow drying your hair will make it look as good as your on-screen idol’s. Excessive heat styling, on the other hand, may damage your hair’s scalp. If you must style, keep it to important events. After shampooing, air drying or towel drying is the best choice. Wet hair should never be slept in or combed. Rubbing your hair with a towel too hard will damage the cuticle. Be patient with yourself.

5. Use Proper Hair Oil
Pre-shampoo treatments such as oiling and massaging enhance blood circulation, relax muscles, increase shine, and nourish the hair. It also replenishes moisture, promotes hair growth, and heals split ends. Coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil, and other similar oils are available. Mineral oil should not be used on your hair.

Pro Tip: 
Add warm oil to your head every now and then and wrap it in a towel to allow the oil to work its magic. Until shampooing, use a mask to soothe your hair’s cuticle. It aids in the reduction of friction between hair strands when shampooing.

6. Use a Comb With A Large Tooth
Wet hair is brittle and easily broken. Allow your hair to air dry before brushing it with a wide-toothed comb. This type of comb protects your hair from harm.

  1. Maintain a natural hairstyle
    Who doesn’t adore those beautiful curls and waves? However, you can achieve these results without using heat on your hair
  2. Trim Your Hair Regularly To avoid split ends, trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. When the hair is harmed by heat styling, ozone, smoking, tension, and other factors, split ends shape. Trimming the hair does not make it grow faster. Hair growth occurs at the scalp stage, but regular trimming keeps hair safe.
  3. Increase the water intake: Internal and external hydration are important for hair that is well-balanced and safe. Even if you use hydrating hair care products and oils, consuming at least 3 litres of water a day is important for good hair health.
  1. Wear hats or caps with your hair
    The same way that sunlight damages your skin, it also damages your hair. The sun’s rays can strip moisture from your hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and damaged over time. When you go out, wear a hat to protect your hair from the elements. When your hair is damaged, use caps to protect it.
  2. Make use of hair bands :We want to show off our long hair, but we use hair bands to keep it out of the way of environmental aggressors. Instead of using plastic hair bands, use cloth ones. When making a ponytail or some other hairstyle, don’t pull your hair too close.
  3. Dry your hair with a hair wrap or an old t-shirt This one is brand new. You can use your t-shirt to dry your wet hair without causing harm to it. Traditional towels are harsh on the cuticles of your hair, causing harm over time. From now on, save your soft, old t-shirts!

Hair Care Don’ts

  1. Hot Showers: Hot showers strip the scalp of its natural oils, leaving it dry and flaky. Your safest bet is to take cold showers.
  2. Stress: We can bet our lives that if you see anyone with healthy hair, they worry a little less. Hair loss and thinning can be caused by stress.
  3.  Chemicals free: Hair follicles are affected by chemicals from dying, perming, and other hair treatments, which can disrupt hair development and cause hair loss.
  4. Hair Styling Products: Heat styling with straighteners, blow dryers, and curlers for long periods of time alters hair texture, makes it dry, and makes it more vulnerable to breakage.

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