The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time however, it can be difficult to predict what your furry friend–who was the first to arrive. Here’s how to prepare for the transition.


Participate in your dog’s obedience program. This is the perfect time to teach basic manners and stop any unwelcome behavior like jumping on or biting people. Lauren Novack, KPA-CTP, an accredited behavior consultant at the Behavior Animal Hospital at New York City, explains that the better behaved your pet is, the more she will be able to integrate and happier she’ll be.

Bring in the baby gear. Install baby gates, put up the nursery, and allow your dog to explore the new area. Bring the stroller for your next stroll. Novack suggests that you teach your dog to go beyond the gates, onto her mat, as well as in as well out of her nursery.

Make-believe. “Simulating having a newborn in the house is really helpful,” says Natalie Marks, DVM, of VCA Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago. Take a baby doll around the house and engage in breastfeeding, rocking, as well as other baby-related activities.

Moving a baby into the home is an exciting time However, it’s difficult to know what your furry friend–who was first. Here’s how you can prepare for the transition.

Meet & Greet (M&G)

Let your pet’s companion be the first to meet your dog after getting to your home after a visit from the vet. “Once your dog has settled down, have her sit down so she may smell the baby’s feet rather than the face!” advises Dr. Marks. Maintain a relaxed and calm manner so that your pet will follow the same.

The dogs can sense the pheromones produced during nursing and recognize that it’s private time. If you’d like your pet to be around during your breastfeeding time, instruct that she should lay on her mat. Offer her an ice cube or a kiss mat when she’s done with it gently for a few minutes. “This will encourage her to stay still and extend the time she spends on her mat,” Novack says.

Keep your dog’s routine in check as often as you can. Feed her and take her for walks frequently and remember to keep an eye on her throughout the time of the day.

Sharing a Home

The first principle to follow should be: “No matter how calm your dog may be You should not let your baby or small kid unattended with it. Both newborns and dogs get scared, and it’s important to be vigilant about the animals at all times “Alison Tothy MD is an assistant professor in paediatrics at University of Chicago Medicine, shares her thoughts.

Give your dog a reward for being gentle with your baby “Keep in your mind that the bond between you and your dog is vital.

Your child’s bond with your dog will evolve with time “Novack is in agreement. The interactions that are closely monitored and followed by treats can help establish an enthralling relationship.

Train your baby to treat your dog with respect and love the boundaries of your dog as she develops into an enquiring toddler. The Dr. Tothy explains, “You may show nice, calm actions that need to take place around your dog.”

Care for cats

While our cats appear to be easy to maintain but this is an enormous change for them too. Here are some ideas to keep your cat happy and happy.

  • Set up your home in the same way as you would prepare your home for your pet.
  • Cats like having their own space. Doctor. Marks advises against forcing any kind of interaction.
  • They like vertical areas also. As per Dr. Marks, provide yours an attractive area on top in which they can retreat and view from an uninvolved distance.
  • Encourage positive behavior by giving them extra head rubs, cookies or catnip. Whatever your cat is most comfortable with!

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