Amanda Kloots, a former Radio City Rockette, talked with Health on the subject of her personal fitness company as well as her husband’s ongoing COVID-19 concerns.

The Former Radio City rocker created her own fitness company that aims to inspire people to improve their fitness while having fun due to her positive attitude and her unique exercise routine which combines jumping rope and dancing. Amanda’s attention was captivated this spring with an even more serious issue. We recently spoke to Amanda about the upcoming issue of Health magazine. Here’s an early look at what she had to say about her struggle.

Nick Cordero, Amanda’s husband was admitted to The hospital in March for COVID-19. The rest of the story was an unimaginable nightmare. Amanda had to deal with Nick’s deteriorating health and care for the couple’s baby son Elvis. Nick was put in the insanity that was medically prescribed and put on a ventilator while the condition worsened. Amanda recently stated that Nick began to wake up, however, after a couple of days, she said that he’d returned to his former state.

Amanda has maintained her positive outlook throughout. Amanda even started an online campaign. People from all over the world sing along to Nick’s track “Live Your Life” every day at 3 p.m. PST. They also sing along with Amanda.

What is the reason behind your cheerful personality?

Since the moment I can remember I’ve always been a “glass half empty” kind of person. Every day I start my day with a quote that I will remember all day. Additionally, I hold a strong conviction in my faith and believe that there are endless possibilities greater than you could ever imagine.

Your life has changed dramatically in just a couple of minutes but you’ve never stopped dancing.

I always feel more relaxed when I sweat, move, and dancing! I’m never sad or depressed after exercising. Get as big as you can. And If you’re fortunate enough to be capable of moving, be active! My life is governed by a variety of principles that I impart to my students in my classes. Some like my husband, are not able to move. It is important to never undervalue the strength of our bodies.

What attracted you to dance and jump rope?

I started dancing when I was 10 and became professional in dancing within New York City for 16 years. The body moves throughout the entire body as you move. It’s the ultimate form of exercise and also enjoyment! As a young child, I’ve always been jumping rope.

You’ve been so courageous and transparent on social media in the wake of Nick’s illness. What was the reason you decided to participate to this extent?

I felt it was crucial to bring awareness to this ailment. Nick’s symptoms began as fatigue and then quickly turned into something much more. He was a 41-year-old male without any previous health problems who was extremely exhausted as well as diagnosed with COVID-19. I believed it was essential that others be aware of Nick’s story in case it happened to them in their lives and they had to get involved. The moment I am observing the way COVID-19 has impacted his body and dealing with the disease’s consequences is vital since we’re still learning more about this disease. Doctors will research for years Nick’s story and other cases like his to gain a better understanding of this condition.

What brought you to feel more secure in this time of crisis?

Since putting Nick’s shop through social networks, I’ve received many hugs from Nick’s online friends. Not just from our family and friends as well as from strangers from all over the globe. Wonderful words and prayers are being delivered to me from around the globe. In addition, people from all over the globe are dancing and singing along to Nick’s tune “Live the Life You Want” each day around three p.m. (PST). Whatever happened on this day–it might have been a very tragic and tragic day. As when 3 p.m. is upon me I feel a surge of energy coming from all the people who are in the crowd, singing and dancing along with me.

You have a young baby to care for and a list of tasks to complete. How do you find motivation to stick in whatever you’re working on?

Being there with Elvis isn’t a problem. He is so much fun and is at an age in which he’s still a child but is now beginning to grow into a toddler. When he turns his eyes to me with a smile, it brings me to a happier location. I’m grateful for his smile today.

What do you think about how your life might change?

I have spoken to a lot of COVID-19 patients and their families. I’ve also spoken with numerous amputees and those who have awoken from an induced coma, to prepare for what is being thrown our way.

What advice can you offer to those struggling with their own health problems?

It’s not been difficult to be there for Elvis. He’s a joy to be around and is at such an amazing age, where it’s still a baby, but is at the point of becoming an adult. When he smiles towards me, it instantly brings me to a wonderful location. At the moment, I’m extremely thankful for him.

What kind of changes do you anticipate to happen in your life?

I’ve spoken to a variety of COVID-19 patients and their families. I also spoke with many amputees and others who have come out of an involuntary coma, to be ready for any eventuality that comes my way.

What tips do you have to people experiencing a health crisis?

The moment it began Nick’s doctor said the best advice to me. “We need to be positive,” he continued, “because it opens doors to possibilities.” There is no possibility when we consider negative thoughts.”

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