Even a skeptic of weighted blankets was taken aback: “I’m sleeping better and more regularly than I have in the previous three years. I wasn’t sure if a weighted blanket would help, but it has reduced my restlessness and helped me sleep better.”

While exercise videos aren’t new, the current surge in on-demand fitness sessions makes it even simpler to work up a sweat, no matter how hectic your schedule. There’s a class out there for everyone, whether you want to attempt a stress-relieving yoga flow, target muscular building, or avoid exercise at all costs.

We’ve compiled a list of the top online fitness courses available to help people of all fitness levels and aspirations get started with a workout programme. Continue scrolling to see which digital sweat sessions are worth foregoing your gym subscription.

  • Best Overall: The 8 Best Online Fitness Classes Obé Health and Fitness
  • Openfit is one of the best at-home workouts for beginners.
  • Yoga is the best yoga class.
  • Alo Moves is the best Pilates class.
  • Aaptiv’s Best Running Workouts
  • Crossrope is one of the best jump rope workouts.
  • Alo Moves is the best Pilates class.
  • Aaptiv’s Best Running Workouts
  • Crossrope is one of the best jump rope workouts.
  • ClassPass is the best HIIT workout.
  • Apple Fitness+ is the best walking workout.

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Obé Fitness is likely to appeal to everyone who grew up watching vintage ’80s training movies in their living rooms. To make training more fun, this online fitness club blends difficult routines with ’80s-inspired neon backgrounds and lively music. It’s difficult to grow bored or unmotivated with over 6,000 workouts in its digital collection, a full schedule of live sessions, and themed fitness programs. There are 15 different workout categories to select from, including aerobic boxing, yoga, HIIT, pilates, and others. You may also filter results by difficulty level and duration, as well as choose between equipment or bodyweight-only classes. Furthermore, an Obé Fitness subscription costs less than $20 per month, making it far less expensive than a conventional gym membership.

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Starting your fitness journey for the first time might be difficult, but signing up for a fitness class is one of the finest ways to get started. Top personal trainers lead Openfit’s live courses and on-demand exercises, teaching you the techniques as you go. This makes it much easier for novices to follow along and avoid harm. You may choose from a variety of classes to discover the routines that you like most, and you can even get real-time feedback from trainers during live sessions. Personalized nutrition plans, recommended workout courses, and access to Openfit’s online community, which gives workout accountability and support as you work toward your fitness objectives, are all included in the program

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With on-demand yoga courses, you can improve your balance, strength, and flexibility from anywhere. YogaDownload is a virtual yoga studio that provides beginner and advanced yogis alike online sessions, fitness programs, and multi-day challenges. YogaDownload provides a wide range of classes to select from, whether you’re seeking a stress-relieving session or a short morning flow to get your day started. You may also enroll in sessions that focus on core strength and back pain relief, as well as customized pregnancy and postpartum classes. YogaDownload offers two payment options: a monthly membership that provides you access to the complete library of courses, or a one-time purchase that allows you to download a single session.

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